Walking and Rolling, Safely into Spring 😷

Last month, as I walked into the Hagerty Center in Traverse City, a sense of community spirit swept over me. It was not just exciting to see people; it was inspiring to experience citizenship. We’d gathered not only to protect ourselves but out of civic responsibility to protect our community from COVID-19. A vaccination needle never felt so good. I trust that we’re finally in the homestretch of this pandemic.

But we’re not quite there yet. In the race between the coronavirus’s variants and collective immunity, the variants are in the lead. Northern Michigan remains at extremely high risk. Our positivity rates remain in double figures, and hospitalization rates hover near capacity. Michigan is again leading the nation in cases with alarming weekly trends.

Thankfully, we continue to learn more about how to contain this virus every day. We know so much more than we did a year ago about which preventive measures work. Those measures are now daily habits. As Norte enters spring programming, we will continue to implement these precautions to protect Norte staff, our young riders, volunteers, and the wider community.

We ask everyone to stick to the swiss cheese approach. Recognize that each protective action you take is another layer of prevention. Even after vaccination, these precautions are necessary to stop the spread and to stop further mutations. All of us need to stay vigilant and patient as people get vaccinated, and case numbers decline.

We continue to monitor the data and place public health front and center. We’re limiting access to the inside of our buildings, requiring masks for all visitors, and encouraging everyone to become vaccinated. We require masks from start to finish for our bike programs and events and will continue to social distance, wash our hands, and monitor our health. If you have a child in our programs, please help us by going over the rules with them using our COVID-19 Precaution Sheet.

We’re going to get through this challenge, and we’re going to continue to thrive. And, it starts with all of us putting our civic pride on full display. Let’s keep rolling, friends.

Together we can #stopthespread.

Gary, Advocacy and Communications Director

P.S. Please follow the latest CDC guidelines and keep abreast of Michigan’s latest data and information at the state’s coronavirus portal. Learn more about the vaccines and where you can get your free shot at COVID-19 Vaccine. 



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