A Virtuous Cycle of Volunteers and Smiles 😀

A Virtuous Cycle of Volunteers and Smiles 😀

Bringing people together and putting smiles on strangers’ faces are a few of my favorite things. While preparing for a recent Bikes for All MeetUp, I met a new volunteer, Cathy. The meeting embodied both of these favorite things.

We bumped elbows and greeted each other with giant smiles as we elbowed our hellos. Then, we jumped into action, lining up adaptive bikes for the riders. A few minutes later, another volunteer, Lee, walked up for a scheduled meeting with me. I told her I’d be a few more minutes and introduced her to Cathy. They immediately started chatting.

As I watched them from inside the Clubhouse, my giant smile grew even larger when I saw them exchange phone numbers with smiles and giggles minutes later. Cathy and Lee had just found out that they live right around the corner from each other. They also share a deep love of staying active and enjoying life. They were immediate friends, and it was almost hard to pull them away from each other. It was such a heartwarming thing to witness.

Cathy then finished setting up for the Bikes for All crew, who had started to gather, and Lee joined me for a lap around the Civic Center. Both of these volunteers learned new things about Norte, our patrons, their community, and each other. They made a new friend—the ripple effects of giving back and serving your community never seem to stop.

It was another magical day at Norte. Everyone was smiling, walking or rolling, and enjoying our public space together. My goal is to bring this kind of joy to our whole community by making friends, riding bikes, and enjoying the outdoors—together. As Norte‘s Outreach Coordinator, I’m fortunate to make this happen with a growing list of volunteers and partnerships.

Last Wednesday, as part of TC Rides and the first slow roll of the summer, we honored all volunteers. We celebrated the friendships and discussed the many opportunities ahead. We also introduced our Super Friends initiative. Here’s to a wonderfully active summer ahead.

Ding! Ding!


P.S. If you are interested in volunteering with us for the first time, please fill out our volunteer onboarding application. I’ll reach out to you soon, and we’ll find a way to create some magic together. 


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