Patrick’s Heavy: The Numbers and Awards

The riders put in the miles while their supporters generously supported their cause — putting smiles on more young riders’ faces. The 2021 Patrick’s Heavy Ride Ride with Friends raised $16,462 for Norte’s Youth Scholarship Fund. Well done, everyone. Well done. Thank you to the riders. Thank you to the donors. Thank you to the sponsors, including this year’s title sponsor, Common Good Bakery.

Here’s a recap of the numbers and awards for this year’s Patrick’s Heavy Ride with Friends. 


$16,612 was raised for Norte’s Youth Scholarship Fund by 45 riders. Seven women, 38 men, with the youngest heavy rider age 14 and the oldest 68. 

There were 317 unique donors with an average donation of roughly $53. 

Eight volunteers made the ride achievable and as comfortable as possible, by hauling gear, providing food, setting up camps, and cheering us along the way. Thank you, Polly, Steve, Curt, Paula, Amelia, Matt, Johanna, and Petra. 

Two marvelous sponsors. Thank you, Common Good Bakery and Traverse City Wine and Beers Tours.

Altogether, heavy riders rode approximately 5000 total miles on Saturday. We had 26 riders ride the 140 miles from Traverse City to the Bridge, and another 16 riders rode the 80 miles from Charlevoix. The team experienced only three flats.


As voted on by the team of heavy riders, we recognize Heath Day, Riding from Charlevoix, and Ryan Reiter, Riding from Traverse City, as Riders of the Day. They pulled the team through by taking the lead, staying positive, and remaining solid throughout the ride. Honorable mentions go to Sami Maldonado, Ben Price, Andy Weir, Brooke Dykhuis, Mike Debruyn, and Mary Kuhn.

As recognized by his peers, The Happiest Rider goes to Ted Roe. Always smiling. Always motivating. 

Most Senior Riders go to Bob Otwell, riding from Charlevoix, and Traverse City Commissioner Tim Werner, riding from Traverse City.  The Youngest Riders on the one-day tour were Brody Day, riding from Charlevoix, and Drew Cummings, riding from Traverse City. 

Appropriately, the Most Money Raised award goes to Patrick Cotant, who brought in $2,185 for 2021. In addition, honorable mentions go to Laura and Bob Otwell ($1,312), Ty Schmidt ($1,200), Tom O’Hagan ($1,100), and Chris Johnston ($1,025). And, we recognize Carter DeBruyn for raising the most funds by a youth rider ($625). Brody Day raised the second most ($325). Thank you, riders!


  • Bloodiest Knee Award, Tim Pulliam
  • Most Deformed Clavicle, Chris Johnston 
  • Good Samaritan, Lauren Dake, for taking care of Chris, and honorable mention to Juan Mo for taking care of Tim (see previous two awards)
  • Johnny on the Spot, Steve Stawski, and Matt Jones for helping Tim and Chris, and honorable mention to Patrick Cotant, Bob Otwell, and Latitude 45 Bike Shop in Petoskey for fixing flats
  • Best at Navigating Mill Creek Campground without a Map, Petra von Kulajta
  • Sketchiest Van Driver, Amelia Werner (We’ve never seen the Norte swag wagon handle curves so deftly — thanks, Amelia!)
  • Best Vegetable Chopper, BJ Ingwersen
  • Best Camp Cook, Johanna Schmidt
  • Best at Making Friends, a tie between Mira Dake and Afton Day
  • Mucho Loco Award, Jon Knott for riding to the bridge with us Saturday and then to Alpena Sunday and then back to TC on Monday. 400+ miles in 3days!


Below, we recognize the riders who have been with Patrick’s Heavy Ride with Friends through the years. We plan on seeing more of you for years to come. 

  • Four Years, including Pat’s inaugural heavy ride in 2018, goes to the OG himself, Patrick Cotant. Thank you for the inspiration, Patrick. 
  • Three Years — Dan Madion, Brad Pauly, Andy Weir, Heath Day, Cody Sovis, and Ty Schmidt
  • Two Years — Brad Hochstetler, Jeff Wentzloff, Brody Day, Sage Day, Kate White, Vince Mack, Tim Pulliam, Drew Cummins, Kent Mcneil, Dave Sunset Scott, and Steve Haskin


“Thank you again, looking forward to another adventure next year❤️❤️,” @cotantpatrick


If you’d like to donate to the 2021 Patrick’s Heavy Ride with Friends, it’s not too late to support one of the riders. If you’d like to join the ride in 2022, it’s never too early to start training. Mark your calendars for Saturday, July 30, 2022.

Thank you ??