The Halloween Walkability Test

Happy Halloween! This Sunday is the one holiday that celebrates compact, friendly, walkable neighborhoods. We observe this walking holiday by getting into costume, saying hi to neighbors, and sending the young ones onto strangers’ porches for sugary sweets.

The most walkable neighborhoods attract the most trick-or-treaters, creating an annual Halloween walkability test. Here are the critical elements of the test.

  1. Door Count — More doors per mile = more candy per minute.
  2. Stoops — Doors you can find and porches to welcome you.
  3. Short Setbacks — The closer the porch is to the sidewalk or street, the quicker the treat.
  4. Wide Sidewalks, Skinny Streets — Central Neighborhood is Traverse City’s ultimate Halloween destination due to 6′-8′ sidewalks, healthy trees, and streets narrowed by parked cars.
  5. Healthy Grid — No one has time to get turned around on Halloween. True walkability is a street grid of short blocks.


How does your neighborhood measure up?

Happy Halloween. Have fun, get spooky, and be safe. 


*Adapted from the Oct. 31, 2019, Norte Advocacy Newsletter