Our scary fabulous coaches bring the magic

There’s no blueprint for what makes a great bike coach. We have a few requirements, of course, but ideally, Norte‘s team of coaches mix personalities, skills, and approaches.

We hire coaches based on the skill sets of being good with young riders, an affinity for bicycles, and a solid navigational prowess on two wheels. We then split off into various groups — ranging from Northport to Petoskey — once the season begins. Then, if we’re lucky, there is magic and innovation that no one expected. And, this past fall, when we needed magic the most, our 54 coaches delivered.

A few magical highlights stand out for me.

  • First, there was the wizardry of the quiet craftsman. Coach Brian turned his woodworking skills into a wild scavenger hunt on the trails. Mountain bike riding is a thrill on its own. But when you throw in a treasure hunt, and those trails begin to sparkle. Thank you, Coach Brian.
  • Second, our super speedy Coach Wes, who wins bike races in his “downtime,” turns completely uber playful when he’s coaching and invents ingenious games and drills to keep our young riders engaged and asking for more. Who wouldn’t like to play a game called “A Discombobulating Sequence of Events?” Thanks, Coach Wes.
  • Third, Coach Abbey, who is undoubtedly one of our most energetic coaches ever, brought it every single week. And, long before Halloween was on our minds, she led a team dressed as a giant taco. Because, of course, it was taco Tuesday. Thank you, Coach Abbey.

These are only three highlights. This past season, every coach brought something unique and went above and beyond. And, this fall, we needed all of it.

At the start of the season, Norte faced monumental staffing changes. Collectively, we got to work. There was a mission to deliver, and children, parents, and a community to show up for. Thank you, everyone, who bravely answered the call for Team Orange.

The process of a successful bike season is a lot like riding the trails at Glacial Hills — the possibilities are endless, and the flowing hills and corners leave us thrilled. So, as we wrap up the fall season, we start to look towards 2022 — a year full of dirt, bike grease, and loads of creativity and fun.

I can’t wait to see what our fantastic coaches do next.

Coach Abby
Program Coordinator

P.S. It’s never too early to think about spring. So if you’re interested in serving as a lead or assistant coach, give us a shout, and we will start the process. 


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