2021 Explore Academy: Leading the Way

This fall, Norte hosted the third annual Explore Academy. Explore Academy is an opportunity for teenagers to change the world, beginning with their neighborhood and community. This year’s crew was a smaller class to accommodate for safe, in-person meetings, and the result was more in-depth discussions and crafting of positions. 

As part of this year’s Explore meetups, we asked: “What is something you’re passionate about in your community and would like to see changed?”

Hunter, Laney, Lachlan, Kurt, and Emma dove in and did nothing but impress. View four insightful reflections and arguments in this short 4-minute video or individually below. Emma also wrote a compelling persuasion piece supporting more park space dedicated to hammocking. As she asks, “Would you rather be in an area full of vibrancy and life, or an area lacking life?”

We will be sharing each position with local representatives. 

Laney Johnson, Sidewalks to West Senior High School

Lachlan Brochmiller, Activate the Boardman River

Kurt Sheahan, Connect People to the Boardman River

Hunter Witham, Protect the Boardman River


 Thank you to all of our students for their inspiration.

Engage and represent!


Thank you to Aspire North for being a title sponsor for the second year. Thank you also to Megan Motil of Parallel Solutions for her help leading the class and lending us the conference room at Common Place.


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