The ABC of what we do!

We’re taking a deep dive into Norte programs — digging into the “what, why, and how” we execute our mission. It’s a fun and enlightening exercise for someone like me, who has spent most of my career in experiential programs. When it comes to investigating the why behind what I do – I’m there. 100%.

Take Adventure Bike Club, for example. This after-school program is foundational to almost everything Norte does. Hundreds of youngsters have learned to ride their bikes and navigate the streets safely because of ABC, and they’ve had a ton of fun in the process. ABC sets the stage for a lifetime of active living.

But take a closer look, and you’ll see ABC — like all our youth programs — is much more than biking skills. From the first moments of the first day, a child enters an experience designed to help them discover more about themselves and their community. As a result, they build confidence, find joy in friendships, and embrace the challenges that come along. Our excellent mentor coaches are there to support and guide. They’re dedicated to seeing these young people grow, not only as new cyclists but as human beings and future leaders.

That is why I get excited about Adventure Bike Club.

So when you see these riders cruising through your neighborhood after school this spring, give them a thumbs up! And celebrate with us knowing these future leaders in our communities are collecting valuable experiences that last a lifetime.

Troy DeShano
Program and Education Director

Final schedules and locations for spring and summer programs will be announced soon. Registration begins February 16 for spring and March 2 for Summer Bike Camp. Program questions? Email


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