Can You Draw a Bike From Memory?

Happy Bike Month! The sun is shining (finally), and we’ve already been out celebrating Bike and Roll to School Day this morning (see who won the Most Bike-Tastic award below). On Sunday, Team Orange kicked off Bike Month with our Previously Loved Bicycle Neighborhood Yard Sale and the annual launch of Silver Spruce’s Norte brew — Ryed.

While enjoying a pint of Ryed, I watched a friend’s daughter draw a bicycle on a napkin. It struck me how difficult it is. Almost impossible from memory. She did an excellent job considering the conditions — cold hands and a soggy napkin. My attempt to draw a bicycle this morning is above. I didn’t even attempt the pedals.

For Bike Month, we know you’ll get out and roll as much as possible. We have plenty of events for all abilities on our calendar if you need encouragement.

And I also invite you and your family and friends to take a moment and try the Draw a Bicycle from Memory Challenge. Then, I was hoping you could send me a photo of it. You can email it or swing by the Clubhouse. We might throw together a little art project if we receive enough of your drawings.

Have fun with it, and remember it’s all to celebrate Bike Month! This month-long event celebrates the bicycle’s benefits while encouraging more people to ride bikes more often.

Let’s ride and have some fun!

Gary Howe
Advocacy and Communications Director

P.S. Don’t be shy! Send me those bicycle drawings 😄

Upcoming Rides with Norte and Friends

Ride for Peace: Relief for Ukraine May 11 *
* Eats by Bike Week May 15-21
Ride of Silence May 18 *
* Farm Club Roll May 21
Junior Trail Gnome Day May 21 *



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