Rolling, Rolling, Rolling into Summer

On Saturday, July 30, we ride again. The annual Patrick’s Heavy Ride with Friends turns miles into dollars to ensure that every child can roll with Norte, no matter their resources.

This year, Patrick’s Heavy Ride with Friends is a little different. Instead of a one-way ride from the Norte Clubhouse to the Mackinaw Bridge (140 miles), we will keep it in Grand Traverse and Leelanau Counties. This change allows us to offer more options and open it up for more riders. There’s still a century+ ride (The Whole Enchilada, 123 miles), but there’s also a middle distance (The Jan Brady, 47 miles) and a more casual ride (The TART 20, 20 miles). None of the rides are races. Registration is $35, and we will create an individualized donation page for you, to help raise more for the cause.

Are you ready to ride? 

Heavy riders share a commitment to Norte and the joy of testing oneself. And, over the years, that effort has paid off. Since Patrick’s first ride in 2017, over $50,000 has been raised to support more kids on bikes.

Not up for a heavy ride? Other ways to support the effort include volunteering to help send riders off and, most importantly, giving to their individual campaigns. When you support the Heavy Riders, you’re supporting the promise that every child in northern Michigan has access to youth bike programs.

Current Riders include Andy Weir, Hunter Steinkamp, Cody Sovis, Wes Sovis, Renee Sovis, Andy Sill, Jill Sill, Ben Price, Ian Plamondon, David Hilt, Abby Havill, Will Havill, Lauren Dake, Patrick Cotant, and Tim Bottrell. Bravo! 🤩

We will highlight each of the heavy riders here and on social media in the coming weeks.

Which rider will you support? 


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