Extend the 3 Mile Trail: Safe Routes To School Goes To East Bay


With four schools, a library, a BATA bus stop, a grocery store, and many other businesses, the 3 mile/Hammond intersection deserves better. Much better.

Bad news: 11 years later and the 3 Mile trail still goes nowhere.

Good news: we’re working on it.

What a year! From several early morning rides to East Middle School and Grand Traverse Academy spring 2017 with El Liderato to three successful resolutions of support by East Bay boards last summer to three excellent walk audits at Grand Traverse Area Catholic Schools’ SEAS, EMS and Cherry Knoll Elementary in the fall to a community-wide action planning meeting in November, we have much to be proud of.
Thanks to everyone who has helped in this Safe Routes To School grant process to extend the 3 Mile trail.

A quick update:

After many, many meetings and a successful awareness campaign last spring powered by our youth leadership council, we’re excited to partner with Traverse City Area Public Schools (TCAPS), Grand Traverse Area Catholic Schools (GTACS) and Grand Traverse Academy (GTA) on a $800,000 (that’s $200,000 available per school) Safe Routes To School (SRTS) infrastructure grant to help extend the 3 Mile trail from South Airport Road to Hammond Road.

This SRTS grant will improve safety at the four schools near the 3 Mile/Hammond intersection:

  • East Middle
  • Cherry Knoll
  • St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
  • Grand Traverse Academy

We believe outcomes of this SRTS grant will result in a safer, healthier, happier and better connected East Bay Township that will benefit these students but all township residents, business owners and visitors.

We’ve secured letters of support from:

  • All four schools
  • TADL
  • Oleson’s
  • TART Trails
  • BATA

Despite this momentum, the design study to assess trail costs and possible location (a study that TART Trails fundraised $10,000 and East Bay budgeted $40,00 for) will not happen in 2018.

Instead, we’ll wait. Wait for what? The results of the Grand Traverse County Road Commission’s East-West Corridor Transportation study, that’s what.

While 3 Mile obviously goes north-south, it’s width, design, and right of way may be affected by this study that won’t be finished until 2019.

If you support a safer, healthier, happier and better connected East Bay Township that will not only benefit students but township residents, business owners and visitors alike, please contact:

  • Jim Cook, GTCRC Director, jcook@gtcrc.org
  • Beth Friend, East Bay Supervisor, bfriend@eastbaytwp.org
  • Julie Clark, TART Director, julie@traversetrails.org

and tell them that extending the 3 Mile trail to Hammond and beyond matters to you.

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