Safe Routes To School on their way in East Bay

Four schools and their 4,000 students are within a half mile the Hammond and 3-mile intersection. There is also a growing number of great services to visit, like  Centre Ice, East bay public library and Township Hall, Oleson’s Grocery, and a taqueria! Our goal is the extend to 3-mile multi-use trail that currently ends at South Airport to these destinations. And, finally, there is good news!

Although there is plenty of work ahead, the purchase of the future Mitchell Creek Meadow Preserve by the Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy is a trailblazer. Soon, with your continued help, four schools and their 4,000 students will be connected to a growing network of safe routes. Congratulations are certainly in order for the Safe Routes to School and 3-mile champions.

Along with the trail extension, Norte is working with regional partners to put in place a successful Safe Routes to School project. The Grand Traverse Academy, Cherry Knoll Elementary, Traverse City East Middle, and St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Middle schools are all working together to make this a reality.

We’ve come a long ways from those terrifying early morning rides to East Middle School and Grand Traverse Academy with members of our youth leadership council. Since then, we have had three successful resolutions of support by East Bay boards in the summer to three excellent walk audits at Grand Traverse Area Catholic Schools’ SEAS, EMS and Cherry Knoll Elementary in the fall to a community-wide action planning meeting in November. On Thursday May 30, we will introduce the systems work we’ve been part of at Happy, Healthy, Ready-to-Learn: A Systems Practice Report + Community Conversation at the Library

Thanks to everyone who has helped in this Safe Routes To School grant process to extend the 3 Mile trail.

If you support a safer, healthier, happier and better connected East Bay Township that will not only benefit students but township residents, business owners, and visitors alike, please add your name below to stay engaged with this #extendthe3miletrail campaign: