Adventure Bike Club Experience

An Adventure Bike Club Experience is about riding bikes with friends. We learn new things and see new sights.

Who’s the Adventure Bike Club Experience for? Almost anyone! Girl Scout troops, grandparents with visiting grandchildren, to a fun team-building adventure for employees. Norte offers this opportunity for small groups of people, young or old.

The Adventure Bike Club Experience takes your group on a 90-minute easy ride. We take it slow and ensure everyone feels welcome. It’s a chance to learn the rules of the road, learn about bikes, and develop friendships. Primarily, it’s a fun bike riding experience tailor-made for your group of 6-8 people.

Trained Norte coaches lead all Adventure Bike Club Experiences. Participants need basic bike riding abilities and should expect to ride 4-10 miles. No bike? No problem. Norte’s bike library has many bikes to borrow if needed.

  • WHERE—Adventures are 90 minutes long and meet at the Wheelhouse (or other locations as needed).
  • WHEN—Adventures are available May–October.
  • WHO—From six-year-olds to 86-year-olds — Adventure Bike Club is for almost everyone.
  • COST—$15/person with a minimum of six participants and a max of eight.

To register your group, let us know via email or call the Clubhouse at 231-883-2404.


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