Adventurama Scavenger Hunts

Happy people on bicycles prepare to unite!

Explore Traverse City. Seek treasure. Achieve glory. Find adventure. Much adventure!

The Adventurama Scavenger Hunts are a spin-off of a game of strategy played atop bicycles on the neighborhood streets and trails of Traverse City. Part scavenger hunt. Part urban expedition. Part geocaching. Part costume contest. Full adventure!

How it Works:

  1. Download a map below.
  2. Enlist your immediate family to join your squad
  3. Grab your bikes and find all the treasure spots.
  4. Take a squad selfie at each spot
  5. Post all photos to your fave social channel and tag Norte
  6. Achieve glory and win virtual high fives!

Mobile friendly maps from past Adventurama games (more coming soon!):

Download “2017 Adventurama Map” adventurama_map2017.pdf – Downloaded 66 times – 984 KB

Download “2018 Adventurama Map” adventurama_map2018-PRINT.pdf – Downloaded 22 times – 930 KB