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Five schools and their 2,400+ students are within a mile of the Three Mile and Hammond intersection. Also nearby is a growing number of everyday services. There’s Centre Ice, East Bay Public Library and Township Hall, Oleson’s Grocery, and a taqueria. We dare to dream with you about a day when this is a tiny village — East Bay Corners — connected by trails, sidewalks, and many safe crosswalks.


The Three Mile Trail Extension is happening! In March 2022, TART announced a federal spending bill that included $900K for planning and engineering. This is welcome news. It will jump start the trail extension. The Township issued the RFP for a professional engineer design this summer. Norte is a proud partner with TART, Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy, and others in East Bay.
The dream is to extend the Three Mile multi-use trail, safe crossings of Three Mile and Hammond, and connector trails to and from the schools. The plan is looking brighter every day.


Norte continues to work with regional partners to implement a successful Safe Routes to School project in East Bay Township. The Grand Traverse Academy, Cherry Knoll Elementary, Traverse City East Middle, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Middle, and Seventh Day Adventist (at Four Mile) schools work together to make this a reality. We also stand with you all to advocate for safer streets throughout the township.

If you support a safer, healthier, happier, and better connected East Bay Township, please add your name below to stay engaged. Great things coming to East Bay will benefit students and township residents, business owners, and visitors alike.

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