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Norte believes that people of all ages and abilities have the right to safe access to where ever they need to go by foot or bike – schools, parks, neighborhoods, beaches, businesses, public transit – you name it! Norte Pro Walk/Pro Bike Advocacy makes this a reality by working alongside awesome people, organizations, and communities.


Our goal is ever improving walk and bike infrastructure and supportive policies. Norte’s advocacy efforts accomplish this by leading the charge for Safe Routes to School programs in the region as well as leading the way in creating the model for getting kids on bikes year-round.  We offer hands-on training for citizen advocates both young and old through the Advocate Academy and the Explore Academy. Norte also hosts walking audits, planning events, and community surveying (please, take our rolling, annual Community Walk, Bike Survey).

Norte is raising awareness and promoting policies that advance complete streets, traffic calming, and more equitable access. We are a source of information on new infrastructure, like the HAWK Signals on Grandview Parkway and the protected bike lanes on 8th Street. Additionally, we assist regional leaders for Pro Walk/Pro Bike through our Business Champions program. This also houses our Excellent Bike Parking initiative.

Current feet-on-the-ground projects:


Do you value complete neighborhoods where a trip to the store, school, or park is walk or short bike ride away? Would you like to see a higher priority given to walking and biking on your local streets? How about the idea that your community is at its best when our public spaces are great for “an 8 year old and an 80 year old“? (

While Norte is committed to building a stronger, better connected, more walk/bike-friendly community, we are only one piece of the puzzle. In order to see our vision through, we need many voices. We need your voice to help advocate for safe, convenient, and accessible opportunities. We need you to champion biking, walking and rolling year round.

Start by letting us know what is important to you and signing up for Norte’s advocacy updates. Then, click through to explore further steps you can take – walk the walk!

If you have a direct question for Norte Advocacy Director Gary Howe, send him an email at


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