Balance Bikes in School

“To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” 

― Albert Einstein

Skip the training wheels and learn to ride on a balance bike with Norte. 

The Balance Bike Club program consists of one 30-minute session per week for 4 weeks. Once we transform the gym into the street, students learn to ride in the “street.” Balance Bike Club activities becoming progressively challenging week to week. Preschoolers start a little hesitant and maybe unable to even balance. Within a month, they are scooting cross the gym and beaming with the success as a class of strong, confident, and happy students.


Balance bikes teach coordination and neuro-muscular control.  These skills are paramount to safe, confident, independent bicycle riding. Mastering these gross motor skills also have these benefits.

  • Enhances concentration and boosts academic success
  • Accelerates development of fine motor skills used in handwriting and drawing
  • Wakes up the brain and prepares kids to learn when they return to the classroom

The Balance Bike Club program also demonstrates countless other values and skills. With a gym full of kids scooting around patience, respect, and responsibility are critical. As individuals learning a new skill it takes determination, flexibility, and grit to find their comfort zone. Finally, little stars are encouraged to work as a team and help each other as a class.


  • 20 balance bikes & 20 little helmets
  • Everything we need to set up the “street” course
  • One trained instructor
  • Pre-program information, survey and release form
  • Portable speaker for music. Balance bikes are best with music!
  • If desired by the teacher, one in-class bike safety presentation


  • Access to the entire gym for the duration of the session
  • A place to store bikes and helmets near the gym
  • A primary contact person at the school
  • Assistance with sharing program information and surveys with preschool families

The program runs once a week for four weeks. Each session is 30 minutes. Typically, one session is one class, however, we can  accommodate a maximum of  20 children in each session, so combining classes is an option if class sizes permit. We need the gym blocked 15 minutes before the first session for setup and 15 minutes after the last session for tear down.


Thanks to Norte’s generous sponsors, bringing a Balance Bike Club program to your school costs only $100 per classroom.

  • Payment is due at the end of the program
  • Scholarships available to schools as needed. For more information, email


If your school is interested or ready to roll out a Balance Bike Club Program, please email

Inclement weather policy: If school is cancelled for inclement weather, Norte will attempt to make-up the missed day so that each school can complete four classes.  This may mean trying to schedule make-up days on other days of the week, or extending the program if the schedule allows that. We ask that the school remain flexible and our instructors will do the same. Norte will not invoice the school for missed days due to weather.