A Better Barlow Street

barlow street happy hour (1)

We at Norte can’t thank YOU enough for your passion, energy and dedication to a better Barlow St. To the 30+ of you who walked, biked, or drove to our Pro Walk/Pro Bike Happy Hour at Sail Inn – thank you for your time and your willingness to create change.

And that change is going to be hard. If you had a chance to catch the UpNorthLive story on the event, you’ll hear a GT County Road Commission Board Member state that the infrastructure improvements that will improve the safety and equity of Barlow St. are “outside of the scope of work of the road commission.”

Thankfully, Traverse City Commissioners voiced unanimous support for a $4.5 million investment in sidewalks in the City – which is likely to include sidewalks for Barlow north of Boon St.

A sidewalk is also planned south of Boon as part of a proposed $2M Safe Routes To School grant that was submitted in March 2018.



Your streets. Your leaders. Your voice. Get involved with our grassroots pro walk/pro bike advocacy group.

Continue the conversation for A Better Barlow St. in your neighborhoods, schools, and businesses.

Check out the photo gallery by the talented Matt Coleman from our Pro Walk/Pro Bike Happy Hour for a Better Barlow HERE.