Northern Michigan Bike Month


The humble bicycle is a staple of the streets. Every day people across the globe prove that the bicycle remains the most efficient, convenient, equitable, and safe ways to navigate through a community. The bicycle’s history is one of freedom and resilience. Let’s celebrate this fantastic invention with Northern Michigan Bike Month. 

May is the month to go to the garage, find an old bicycle, sweep away the cobwebs, oil the chain, raise the seat, and get out there rolling. It’s also a great time to consider a new bike—or two!— while recycling your old one. What may not fit you might fit someone else perfectly. 

2021 Bike Month PosterClick for the 2021 Bike Month poster (PDF)

We believe bicycles are essential and encourage everyone to lean on their steed this month by going beyond simply biking for exercise. Get out there and accomplish great everyday things. 

  • Bicycles are essential for picking up food, groceries, or other goods.
  • Bicycles are essential transportation to get to school and work.
  • Bicycles are essential to connect friends and family.

Join us this month in celebrating the all-powerful bicycle.


Let’s Roll!