Bikes for All Rocks

Bikes For All Northern Michigan

Norte is for happy, healthy, ready-to-learn communities — no matter someone’s ability. We strive to see that everyone has an opportunity to experience the joy of riding a bicycle. 

Bikes For All Northern Michigan is an educational program that teaches confidence, independence, and walk-and-roll safety skills. We invite people with disabilities to join us for the adventure, to stretch their legs, and have some fun. 

A huge thanks to 4Front Credit Union for helping us make this program a success.

Bikes For All Programs

In June of 2021, we launched Bikes for All MeetUps for individuals with special needs not in one of our school-based programs. All Norte MeetUps are fantastic opportunities to build a healthy, move-more culture at school, and encourage students to be active, happy, and ready to learn.

Additional School-Based Programs

We have partnerships with the following schools to offer Bikes for All for students.


Visit us Anytime

We also welcome riders to visit us at the Clubhouse on their own at an independent time to borrow a bike to cruise around the Civic Center. When you arrive, we can help you choose a bike, sign you in, and then get you rolling. Review the bikes below before you arrive.



We use bigger balance bikes and adaptive bikes to teach elementary students coordination and neuromuscular control paramount to safe, confident, independent bicycle riding. This fun and stimulating gross motor activity also facilitates academic learning by improving concentration, developing listening and following instructions, and fine motor skills like handwriting.

Should we bring our bikes?

Yes. And your helmet, too. Don’t have one, or don’t pedal? No worries. We have some adaptive bikes available to borrow.

Sounds awesome. Will we need to sign up?

Nope. No charge either. Just come to the Clubhouse or Wheelhouse when we’re hosting a Meetup; we’ll tell you which in the event description. Bring a friend or three, too.


The Bikes for All program is an excellent way for a volunteer to contribute to Norte and give back to the community. We’re always in need of volunteer assistants. Even if you only have one day per week, let us know.

Maybe you have a tricycle or other adaptive bike we can borrow or rent? Let us know at