Tally of Business Champion Benefits

Below you’ll find descriptions for all of the Business Champion perks offered through our Business Champion program. If your business is ready to support Norte as a Business Champion, please contact our Donor Relations Specialist today at Wes@elgruponorte.org or 231-883-2404 to get started.

Business Champion Laurel

Champions get cool laurels—digital versions and a transparent printed decal—signifying their level (Rad to Titan) and the number of years they have supported the program at any level. The laurels are designed to work for the web, social, and print advertisements. All represent a strong commitment to Pro Walk/Pro Bike!

Title Sponsorship

Top-level Champions can select a Norte core program or event to sponsor. We recognize title sponsors with their logo/link on all associated promotional material and corresponding pages at elgruponorte.org for their chosen program/event. We also mention them in event press releases and media opportunities as much as possible.

Recognition in our Weekly Newsletter

Our very orange Weekly Newsletter goes out to a growing list of 4,000 subscribers twice a month. Logos of Top Champions appear prominently with links to their websites in each newsletter.

Jersey Sponsorship

Superstar and Dynamo Champions who make a three-year commitment get first right of refusal to display their logo on Norte’s very cool and very orange jersey!

Team Discounts

Families of Superstar and Dynamo Champion employees receive discounts on participation in Norte programs like the Bike Más Project and the Youth Mountain Bike Team.

Customized Lunch and Learn

Lunch and Learns bring teams together to focus on solutions. Choose a Walk/Bike topic that is best for your team, and we’ll bring you an active and engaging one-hour program. For our popular Basic Bike Mechanic Skills Lunch and Learn, we roll in our mobile fix-it station and let participants turn a wrench. Other possible topics: how to include a walk in your commute, how to effectively petition your government for a sidewalk, or how to run errands on a bike! Norte loves working with Champions to craft Lunch and Learns perfect for their needs.

Exclusive Team Slow Roll

We can’t think of a better team building event than getting on bikes and slow rolling through the community. Norte excels at planning and guiding fun, slow-paced group bike rides. We’ll select a route in your chosen location that will keep riders of all skill levels safe, and provide everyone with a unique perspective on our community and its neighborhoods. Including employee families and key clients maximizes the power of positive energy and community locomotion. Ideal for an extended lunch break or for slowing rolling into a happy hour at your chosen destination, Slow Rolls are a ding and wave opportunity like no other.

Ad in Local Printed Media

There is power in the press, so we run an annual Champion Roll Call ad in local media to shower praise on Norte’s Business Champions.

Listing in Norte’s Annual Report

When we reflect on our area’s Pro Walk/Pro Bike accomplishments in the Norte annual report, we heap mad praise on the Champions who make all the magic possible. Every Business Champion is listed in our Annual Report.  

Bike Parking Assessment

Norte wants to see Excellent Bike Parking—everywhere—so we provide free bike parking assessments to all businesses in our region. And for our Champions, we’ll really dig in! Let us give you specific recommendations on potential locations, bike-rack systems and other considerations. Find out more about the benefits of Excellent Bike Parking HERE.

Compañero! Invitations and Special Recognition

Once a year, all of our Champions gather at a cool location for food, drink, and fellowship in celebration of the Pro Walk/Pro Bike advancement they have made possible. As a Champion, you will be invited to this exclusive bash, and top Champions will receive special recognition.

Wall of Champions 

Our virtual Wall of Champions online at elgruponorte.org promotes the logos of our Champions, with links back to their websites. Norte’s website gets a million hits a week and the affinity will help both of our websites score higher in SEO rankings.

Real-Life High Fives & Social Media Fist Bumps

We love heaping praise on Champions of happy, healthy, strong communities. As your business grows, succeeds and dives in to support Pro Walk/Pro Bike, we’ll be tooting horns your way. We are also likely to show up for high fives at any propitious moment!  

Reminder, the entire community is invited to use our bike shop, where they can fix, create, tweak, align, repair, maintain, and adjust bikes. New biking enthusiasts can learn about bike maintenance, and experienced riders will enjoy access to our great tool stash. Located at the Grand Traverse Civic Center, the Clubhouse and Wheelhouse are the hubs of the Norte community. 

If your business is ready to support Norte as a Business Champion, please contact our Donor Relations Specialist today at Wes@elgruponorte.org or 231-883-2404 to get started.

Titan Champion $5,000 +

Superstar Champion $5,000

 Dynamo Champion $2,500

Lux Champion $1,500

 Ace Champion $1,000

 Rad Champion $500