Excellent Bike Parking in the Grand Traverse

The Norte Ring Bike Rack and Wave Bike Rack

Biking is great for our health, and it’s great for the community, too! When we bike, we take up less space and help relieve congestion. We make more social connections and we spend more dollars at local businesses. But, where we park our bikes is often overlooked and not all bike parking is equal.

To encourage people to bike more, Norte is working to upgrade nonexistent, not-so-good, and merely adequate bike parking by promoting Excellent Bike Parking in safe and inviting locations in the Grand Traverse Region. We offer Free Bike Parking Assessments to businesses in the region and we’re now offering specially-designed, excellent Norte Bike Racks made right here in Traverse City!

Excellent Bike Parking makes your clients, employees, and pupils feel welcomed when they visit your  business or school!


For the Individual

  • Gives people confidence that their bikes will be safe from theft or damage.
  • Provides a secure spot to leave bikes when we are at school, at work, shopping or running errands.
  • Eliminates unnecessary conflict between bikers.

For Schools and Businesses

  • Creates a positive, welcoming first impression to visitors who arrive by bike.
  • Efficient land use can reduce the long-term costs of parking spots: 10 bikes can be parked in the same space as one car⁠.
  • Encourages families, students and customers to travel the awesome way.

For the Community

  • Improves access to public spaces for all users, because bikes are organized in desired locations.
  • Protects trees and limits potential damage to street furniture not intended for bike parking.



It’s easy to add Excellent Bike Parking to the benefits your business offers the community! Norte offers Free Bike Parking Assessments as part of our Business Champions and Safe Routes To School programs. We visit your business or organization and recommend locations and bike rack systems best suited for your site.

Our partner businesses, schools, and municipalities also score a 20% discount.

Email us at hello@elgruponorte.org with questions or to get started.


Our first bike rack offerings are stylish, durable, and⁠—thanks to Business Champion Great Lakes Stainless⁠—they’re made right here in Traverse City!


The Freestanding Norte Ring Rack, parks at least 6 bicycles.

Single Ring Rack, parks at least 2 bicycles (requires installation)

The Freestanding Norte Wave Bike Rack, parks at least 4 bicycles.