Consignment Bike Sales

Consignment sales are limited to the sale of bikes and bike-related items, like trailers, wheels, parts, shoes, racks, and tools. Basically, anything related to bikes. One important exception is bike helmets — we do not sell used helmets.


  1. Make a Listing: Sellers submit their items for sale with the correct form below.
  2. Delivery: Sellers bring their sale items to the Clubhouse or Wheelhouse.
  3. Purchasing: Purchases can be made sight-unseen or by visiting the Wheelhouse.

Sellers set the price. There is no cost for sellers to put up items for sale however the price has to be at least $200 and the seller agrees to a 30% commission to Norte. If your item sells, a check will be mailed, minus the commission, within three business days.

If items have not sold in one month, sellers have three options:

  • The seller may pick up their item
  • The seller may decrease the price by at least 10%
  • The seller may donate the item to Norte

Questions? Email or call 231-883-2471

If submitting multiple bikes or items, please submit one form for each item.


  • Make, model, year, size, condition and other helpful information for buyers to know
  • The amount the buyer will pay. You keep 70%, Norte keeps 30%. If you're unsure about what the price should be and would us to help, enter "HELP".
  • Accepted file types: jpg, png, jpeg.
  • Accepted file types: jpg, png, jpeg.
  • Accepted file types: jpg, png, jpeg.