Fridays@TheCommons: A Weekly After School Shred

Off the couch! Off the screen! Let’s ride mountain bikes together after school.

Join us every Friday this fall (until it gets too dark!) as we shred the awesome trails at The Commons.

Here’s The Scoop:

1. Invite a friend and meet us at the grassy Piazza in front of Left Foot Charlie/Higher Grounds at 5:00.

2. If you live in town, we encourage everyone to “ride-to-ride”. There’ll be a train leaving the Clubhouse at 4:30.

3. We will roll from the Piazza at 5 in 3 groups. One flat and easy for beginner riders, one less flat and easy for intermediate riders and one hilly/technical on the old Conquer The Village course for advanced riders.

4. Ride as many laps as you want and then eat snacks on the Piazza.

5. Pedal back home.

6. Come back next Friday to do it all again.

This is not a guided ride but rather a group ride for families. We 100% support kids who know their way and have the necessary skills to ride alone/sans adult but we ask that parents ride with their child if not.