Norte Bicycle Donation

We’re super grateful you’re thinking of us to donate your previously-loved bike. Norte accepts many bikes as donations — either to fix up and re-sell to benefit our programming, or to use in our programs.

Please note: as our space is limited and our needs vary at different times, we might not have room to take in your bike right now. When space gets tight, we prioritize bikes we can use in our programs. It’s no referendum on the awesomeness of your bike; it’s just based on what we need at the moment!

Text us a pic of your bike at (231) 883-2404 to see if it’s one we can use, or email us at We’ll give you further directions on how to donate from there.


Have a preference for how your bike is used? Let us know, and we’ll do our best to meet it — we have specific uses for specific bikes, so it’s not a 100% guarantee. When accepted, here’s where your bike might end up:



Email questions to or call the Wheelhouse at 231-883-2471