The Elk Rapids Strong Project


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Elk Rapids kids learning to move and be physically active as part of ordinary life — like going to school, or the park, or the library, or the beach — and inspiring their parents, teachers, principals, and neighbors to do the same is one of the most powerful means to sustainable well-living and community healthfulness.

Norte believes embedding walking and biking into our daily routine empowers young people. As they become more active by design, they become more independent, happy, confident, and ready-to-learn for life — developing lifelong habits to move more and sit less, and to become leaders in their community.


The Chain Hub in Elk Rapids, established in Summer 2020, is our small orange shed in Rotary Park that houses the Elk Rapids branch of the Grand Traverse Regional Kids’ Bike Library. Check out our Chain Hub page for more info.


If Norte’s vision is happy, healthy, strong communities, our bike programs are the ways that help us achieve it. Each of these empowers kids, and their adults, to get out and ride — no matter the age or the skill level.

Community Partners


We always need more partners to join in doing what we do. Being an Elk Rapids Strong Project Community Partner is both easy and awesome. All we need is your support and your community influence. Email us at to have your organization, business or event added to the list.

Get Involved

We’ll say it again: change is local. We have developed a grassroots method that recruits, trains and empowers neighborhood champions to take charge and be that change. If you are passionate about happy, healthy, ready to learn kids and a stronger, better connected, more walk/bike-friendly Elk Rapids, then we want you. We need you.

Whether it’s having a role on the Project Team, or volunteering once in a while, or just staying up to date and coming out for a slow ride, get more involved by completing this form: