Elk Rapids Rides

Elk Rapids Rides is Elk Rapids’ weekly, very social, very age-friendly, slow roll bicycle ride. All summer long.


Our goal is to create awareness for the growing presence of people on bikes in Elk Rapids and to foster a safer environment. We use the power of the bicycle to build community, promote an active lifestyle, meet neighbors and have fun! Happy, smiling people on bicycles creates even more happy, smiling people on bicycles. It’s infectious—so simple, so awesome. Bike trailers or tag-alongs? Yes and yes. Decades since you’ve been on a bike? Still yes. This ride is friendly to all ages and skill levels.



Every Tuesday from June 9 – September 1, 2020. We’ll meet at 5:45pm, and start rolling at 6pm. 



The ride begins at the Harbor Pavilion and ends at Shorts’ Brewing for kids’ games, beverages, and food truck eats—or do your own thing and head into the evening down River Street. It’s up to you.


The ride is weather dependent, but light sprinkles don’t scare us. Show up and we’ll lead you on an easy four to five-mile loop. Kids wear helmets; adults be a good example. Don’t have a helmet? Let us know so we can help! Email: charlietpryde@gmail.com


ER Rides is led by Village of Elk Rapids Parks & Rec Commission Chair Charlie Pryde and other fine Elk Rapids volunteers.