Estrellas In Your School


Awesome news! Thanks to our friends at Superior Physical Therapy and Priority Health, the Estrellas, our learn to ride program for preschoolers, is coming to your school.

The Estrellas program is four weeks long.  We bring the balance bikes and helmets, and meet with the preschoolers once a week in the gym. Not only will they learn how to ride, but we will also teach them bike-riding etiquette, how to signal and ride safely with friends, and the rules of the road basics. By getting some exercise, Estrellas is also great at “turning brains on” so that preschoolers are more ready-to-learn.

We’re also always looking for volunteer help for the teacher at your school!

Learn more about the program HERE.

Before the program starts, parents must complete this form:



PDF of sign up form HERE

Learn more about our helmet policy HERE.

Thank you, Estrellas sponsors!