Grand Traverse Bike Education Center at Civic Center Park

We believe that kids learning to move to be physically active as part of ordinary life – like biking to school or the park – and then inspiring their parents, teachers, principals, neighbors to do the same is a powerful means to sustainable well-living and community healthfulness.

The proposed Grand Traverse Bike Education Center will feature a world-class Pump Track and Traffic Garden as well as a new building on 2 beautiful acres of public park in the southeast corner of the Civic Center.

It will be one of a kind in Michigan.

This innovative learning center will transform the way kids learn active living skills in the region and has been approved in the new Grand Traverse County Parks and Recreation Commission master plan.

The Pump Track will be made of asphalt and built with best-practice design features to provide an opportunity to increase bike handling skills, confidence, and independence on two wheels for the young and young at heart.

The Traffic Garden will provide a thoughtfully designed teaching environment connected but separate from the Pump Track to prepare preschoolers and lower elementary students to practice the needed skills to explore their community including pedestrian and bike safety.

The Building will consolidate the Norte’s Clubhouse and Wheelhouse buildings at the Civic Center into one sustainably-built, two-story structure that will house a free-to-the-public Community Bike Shop, the Grand Traverse Regional Kids’ Bike Library, (another free service) and Norte’s Welcome Center and staff offices.

The Bike Education Center will be accessible to the public and free to use.

Norte will also use the Pump Track and Traffic Garden during the school day to provide bike safety “field trips” to the Civic Center where schools can bus in, hop on a bike from the library, and participate in a structured lesson. The Bike Education Center will also be home to the very popular Traverse City Summer Bike Camp.

With the Bike Education Center, Norte’s aim is to teach the skills that support happy, confident and independent young people to be guardians of their health. These skills are forever and will help transform the culture of health by shifting habits and behaviors to move more as part of ordinary life.


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