Grand Traverse Takes a Girl Mountain Biking Day

Confident, strong girls on mountain bikes unite!

Saturday, October 3. Meet at 9:45. We’ll be rolling by 10 am.


Meet up at the Vasa Single Track parking lot off of Supply Road.


All awesome girls and their families are welcome to ride. No matter their mountain bike experience or skill. We invite anyone in support of Ride Like a Girl to join us.


The Vasa Single Track is great for all abilities. It isn’t too hilly or technical. yet, it still offers riders a challenge. The real question is how far do you want to ride.

There are five distances available:

  • 1/2 mile loop – For our balance bikers
  • 3 miles – Flat and easy on the Kinglet Loop for our youngest shredders
  • 8 miles– Ride to Marker #7. Vasa pathway to #13 our intermediate riders
  • 11 miles – Ride to Marker #8. Shortcut to #12 for intermediate+ riders
  • 13 miles– Full enchilada for our advanced riders

Familiarize yourself with the trail map before coming out and get your plan in place.


A mountain bike that functions. It doesn’t need to be fancy but it should roll, shift and stop. A helmet. A water bottle. Readiness for fun.


Norte is calling these rides into being. We help organize and empower, you do the rest. 

As we aren’t monitoring participation, we ask that families continue to practice responsible riding and avoid large groups of more than ten riders together. This awareness will ensure everyone has fun and stays safe and healthy. 


We urge the riders to continue to follow precautions when out riding with others outside of your COVID-19 bubble. If we keep doing these things, we will be doing our part to keep everyone happy, healthy, and strong. For reference, here is our COVID-19 precaution sheet we use for Mountain Bike Team. The basics:

  • Physical Distancing – Riders from different families must maintain a distance of six feet. Michigan Scholastic Cycling Association recommends further when riding hard on the trail as droplet spread increases. 
  • Masks – Face coverings are not required when riding. However, they are a crucial part of stopping the spread when gathering with others, even outdoors.
  • Monitoring – By now, we’re all getting used to a body check before going to school, camp, practices, or into a new place. The trails are the same. You may use Norte’s seven-second health screen before Vasa Domingos.
  • Healthy Habits – In line with USA Cycling and Michigan Scholastic Cycling Association guidelines, we ask riders to follow strict hygiene measures. No sharing. No spitting. No gross “snot-rockets.” If a rider needs to sneeze or cough, covering up with a handkerchief or releasing it into the arm is the rule. We also ask that all participants wash their hands with soap and water before practicing and carrying their hand sanitizer.


Norte’s COVID-19 Task Force will continue to stay abreast of the latest requirements and guidelines. If you have any questions or concerns related to our pandemic response, please contact Gary at


Get more involved with our More Girls on Bikes project!