Norte Family Shred at Glacial Hills Trail

Glacial Sábados is a family-friendly, weekly mountain bike group ride on the Glacial Hills Trails in Bellaire, Michigan where we ride bikes on dirt, meet new friends, get fit, explore the woods, build confidence and have FUN. Probably eat some snacks after, too.


We ride every Saturday through the summer and fall (Mother’s Day through Iceman).

Mother’s Day to Father’s Day: Meet at 10:45. Rolling at 11.
Father’s Day to Labor Day: Meet at 9:45. Rolling at 10.
Labor Day to Iceman: Meet at 10:45. Rolling at 11.


Eckhardt Trailhead at Glacial Hills
3171 S. Eckhardt Rd., Bellaire, MI


From preschoolers on balance bikes to high school seniors on 29ers, all ages and abilities are welcome.

While routes are easy to follow, this is not a guided ride but rather a group ride for families. We 100% support kids who know their way and have the necessary skills to ride alone/sans adult but we ask that parents ride with their child if not.


Family/Warm-up Loop – The flattest of the Glacial Hills trails provides a great introduction to mountain biking for novices and also serves as a nice warm-up loop for bikers entering the trail system from the Eckhardt parking lot. The shortest loop (A-B-short C-D) totals about .4 miles with relatively straight and wide trails. Adding the .35 mile long B-C loop adds two small hills and a few tighter curves to help new bikers practice shifting and bike control.

Rolling Hills Loop – This loop serves bikers who want all the hilly fun of Glacial without the longer climbs and faster declines found elsewhere on the trails. The approximate 6.5 mile distance works well for those out for a fun ride.

The Outside Loop – For those seeking the longest climbs, fastest descents and tightest trail simply follow the Outside Loop. From any parking lot, consistently stay left or right (depending on the direction of travel) at each intersection. Distances vary from 12 miles to almost 20 depending on whether riders choose to head east of Orchard Hill Road.


You betcha. No need to sign up either. Just show up. Bring a friend or three too.


Contact David Griffin at 361.815.3193

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