Kalkaska Kids’ Bike Library

The Kalkaska Kids’ Bike Library keeps awesome, elementary-aged students pedaling by ensuring their bike always fits, no matter their family’s resources. The library is a part of a growing network of Norte’s Grand Traverse Regional Kids’ Bike Library

The Kalkaska Kids’ Bike Library is at the Village Offices at 200 Hyde Street. 

Thanks to our many supporters, young people can borrow a bike for as long as it fits them. Once they outgrow the bike, they return it to Norte in exchange for the next size up. All at no cost to the family. 


  • 12 inch (ideal for 3-4 year-olds)
  • 16 inch (4-5 year-olds)
  • 20 inch (5-6 year-olds)
  • 24 inch (6-10 year-olds)

We also have balance bikes to share during the summer for a $25 fee.


  1. Take good care of the bike
  2. Ride the bike as much as possible
  3. Be a positive Norte ambassador



Help keep the Kalkaska Kids Bike Library free for families. 100% of the library donations go to support operations, including helping pay for rent, insurance, and supplies to maintain the bikes.