OCTOBER 6, 2021

Northern Michigan Walks to School Day is a community-wide, multi-school celebration. It’s a day for taking bold, strong steps to get to school and is part of the National Walk To School Day. This year, Northern Michigan Walks to School Day is Wednesday, October 6.

Last year, over 1,100 students from across northern Michigan walked to school on the annual event. This year, we invite you to participate in any way possible. If you are attending school virtually, you can still count by including a walk as part of your school day. If you’re going to school, we invite you to organize your own class or a small pod to meet up and walk to school. Park and Strolls totally count. And, as always, if you’re taking the school bus, that stroll to the bus stop counts as well.

This year we will once again award The Most Walk-tastic to the school that shines the brightest. The award goes to the school with the most students walking on Walk to School Day. In 2019, Northport took it away, and in 2020, it was Old Mission School. Is your school next?

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Northern Michigan Walk to School Day is made possible with generous support from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, TBA Credit Union, and Traverse City Track Club. In addition to the thousands of students, over two dozen schools across northern Michigan participated in the 2019 event. There is no age requirement. Everyone from pre k to 12th grade, including teachers, staff, and principals are welcome to join the walk.


Everyone is welcome to lace up their shoes and participate. Pre-K to 12th grade, including all the teachers, staff, principals, and anyone we missed. If you are staying home for school online, you also count. Let’s get out and walk. If you live too far from home, drive to one of our Park & Stroll” locations below. A 5-10 minute walk to your bus stop totally counts, also.


  • Walking to school improves academic performance
  • Walking to school creates a good life experience
  • Walking to school starts the outdoors experience 
  • Walking to school provides daily exercise for children

Live too far from school to walk or maybe your school isn’t yet safe to walk to? No worries. You can still play.

    • Park & Stroll locations offer designated places to park and then walk 5-10 minutes to school with your child. Have an idea of where a convenient, safe location and route could be. If you need help finding one for your school, shoot us an email, and will help you out ➡️


    • Best guess on how far your walk with be.
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