The Move Más Challenge


Start ’em young. Teach ’em right. The Move Más Challenge is an active transportation-centered physical activity prescription program for kids in the Traverse City area and Elk Rapids.

As part of our Safe Routes To School initiative, the Move Más Challenge aims to inspire elementary and middle school students to get active, not only on the way to school but to the park, beach, library, grocery store and other awesome places too.

Kids learning to be physically active as part of ordinary life and inspiring their parents, teachers, principals, neighbors to do the same is a powerful means to sustainable public health and community well being.

Norte believes that the more physically active kids are, the stronger, healthier our community becomes.

Sit less. Screen less. Move más. The only side effect of this prescription is better health.

How it works:

  1. Your medical provider prescribes the challenge.
  2. You commit here: or you can commit at the Clubhouse in person too. Once you commit, you’re in. For reals. Pinky swear!
  3. Complete the challenge and the physical activity log.
  4. Stop by the Clubhouse with your completed log to score an awesome prize like entries into local races and Beach Bum tickets.
  5. Move Más Challenge Champions will also be entered into drawing for super awesome prizes like new bikes, backpacks, new running shoes, and bike lights.
  6. Awesome, right!?!

Been prescribed a challenge? Commit!


  • Kid’s Creek Children’s Clinic
  • Crystal Lake Health Clinic in Elk Rapids
  • Munson Community Health Center Physical Therapy
  • Munson Family Practice
  • Traverse Area Pediatrics and Adolescents Clinic
  • Elk Rapids Primary Care
  • Crystal Lake Health Clinic Traverse City
  • Ankle & Foot Associates
  • Grand Traverse Children’s Clinic
  • GT Band Medicine Lodge
  • Superior Physical Therapy
  • Structure and Function Chiropractic

We’re looking for more – lots more! – local family practice docs, nurse practitioners and physician assistants, pediatricians and physical therapy providers to help get their young patients outside and active. 

Providers receive free Move Más Challenge information flyerprescription pads and activity logs.

Questions? Here are 11 provider FAQs answered.

Learn more about becoming a participating Move Más Challenge provider by emailing Melissa Socia at

Benefits of Move Más:

  1. Outside is free! No membership or registration fees required.
  2. It’s accessible for all, regardless of ability or income.
  3. Move más prescriptions are easy to follow and FUN!
  4. Young patients reap mental health benefits as well as physical benefits from being outside.
  5. A great way for families to be active together and connect distraction free.
  6. Moving more doesn’t have side-effects.
  7. Awesome prizes!

Community Partners:

Being a Move Mas Challenge is both easy and awesome! Involved with a local race or “active” event? Donate a couple entries for us to give away and we’ll add your logo to this webpage and the official Move Mas flyer. Email us to get involved.