The Norte Kit

Wear orange, look rad, support kids on bikes with our buy one/give one program.

Sort of like TOM’S and their shoes, Norte will give a jersey to one of our mountain bikers for every jersey bought by an adult. This deal allows awesome big people (like you!) to support the Norte mission of inspiring youth through bicycles AND make it affordable for our kids to rock some orange.

Win. Win.

So how’s this work?

1. You buy one of our orange-y jerseys for $60. Norte shorts, bibs, arm warmers, vests, and jackets are also available in our store.

2. We’ll give a jersey to one of our mountain bike program participants.

4. You get an orange-y jersey to let everyone know you support happy, healthy kids on bikes and stronger communities. Yay!

Order HERE.

Thank you to these wonderful sponsors for supporting the Grand Traverse Youth Mountain Bike Team and happy, healthy, strong kids: