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Thank you for a fantastic 2022 ride.

We ride next on July 29, 2023!

Support the 2022 Patrick’s Heavy Riders!

In 2018, Patrick Cotant rode 100 miles/day to raise awareness and funds for Norte for two days. He called it Patrick’s Heavy Ride, and it was a huge success. He introduced Norte to many new people and raised $3,070 for our youth programs.

In four years, Patrick and his friends have raised $70,000 to see that more children ride bikes and connect to their community in northern Michigan.

In 2022, we changed the format to open it up for more riders. If you”re interested in helping to plan for 2023, let us know. Details for 2022 are below.


  • The Whole Enchilada – 123 miles, 6,553 vertical feet of climbing, and one heck of a day on the bike!
  • The Jan Brady – 47 miles, 2,035 vertical feet of climbing, and a Brady Bunch reference. (It’s the middle distance – get it?)
  • The TART 20 – 20 miles, 372 vertical feet of climbing. Take in the beautiful sights of the Leelanau Trail and be the first back for the food and refreshments.


  • Meet up at Darrow Park to meet with your group
  • Don’t forget – we’ll be having a bit of a post-ride party at The Little Fleet at 4pm. Shower up and then come down to celebrate a big day on the bike for a great cause!
  • Each ride leaves promptly at the designated time
  • Each distance will have a ride leader, but please expect the groups for each distance to break up based on speed and fitness levels
  • Make sure you have a route map, plenty of food and water, and spare tubes with you. If you have mechanical or need a lift home, we’ll have a rescue wagon in the County. But you may have to wait for a ride, so it’s smart to be able to sort yourself out


  • Food/water at sag stops for the 123 and 47-mile routes
  • A mobile rescue vehicle to pick up riders who double flat or bonk in spectacular fashion
  • Recovery beverages, snacks, cookies back at the park


Not into riding but want to help? We’re looking for 8 awesome people to drive the rescue van, assist at sag stops and cook at the park. All volunteers eat and drink for free. Email if you’re interested in volunteering.


Does your business or organization want to sponsor and help with food, supplies, or funds to help cover event costs? Send inquiries to