Private Learn-To-Ride Lessons

These are one-on-one, learn-to-ride lessons that we know will get you up and rolling. Our proven methods teach balance, coordination, and motor skills. And, above all, we teach confidence — the basics of pedaling your way to better health and more activity.
Learning to ride takes two to three 30-minute sessions. We like to space the sessions a week apart to allow for some “homework.” At each session, students take away drills for practice between sessions.
  • Learn-to-Ride sessions are $25 each.
  • Students must be five years old or older. There is no upper age limit.
  • We currently offer private lessons from Mid-May to Mid-October. Times vary.



  • First name is fine
    Note: Students must be five years old or older.
  • We offer lessons in Traverse City and Elk Rapids