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Youth Mountain Bike Team: Norte’s after-school mountain bike program is for students in first grade through high school. This program rolls out in the spring and fall.

Adventure Bike ClubThis after-school program teaches bike safety for the fourth and fifth grades, focusing on safe street riding. This program rolls out in the spring and fall.

Balance Bike ClubNorte’s year-round learn-to-ride program for preschoolers using balance bikes. We bring it to the students during the school year, and in the summer, we meet up at the Clubhouse.

Summer Bike Camp: When summer hits, we hit the streets and trails with our week-long, half-day bike adventures. This bike-tastic summer camp is for first through eighth-grade students in June, July, and August.

Bikes for AllNorte is for happy, healthy, ready-to-learn kids no matter their ability and believes that every child deserves an opportunity to experience the joy of riding a bicycle. Bikes for All is both an in-school and weekly summertime meetup program for kids with special needs. 


Thanks to our generous donors and sponsors, Norte is proud to provide youth scholarships to ensure that all families can participate in our programsWe encourage families to apply for scholarships prior to registering at Scholarship Application.

No bike? No problem.

Thanks to generous donations, our program bike library has riders covered if they need a mountain bike for the program. For information on bikes or scholarships, please email 


Grand Traverse Kids Bike LibraryMaking sure awesome kids have a fantastic bike to ride no matter their family’s resources. This program is dynamic with new opportunities all the time—branches in Elk Rapids and Traverse City.

  • We currently have 12″, 16″, 20″, and 24″ sized frames in the library.
  • This program isn’t possible without your generous support. Read more about how you can help keep this program rolling.


The SolutionNorte Solution is a series of bike mechanics classes for the young and young at heart. Solution programs ultimately help students of all ages ride with more confidence, ride further, and embrace a happy, healthy lifestyle. Currently on hold due to COVID-19, but hoping to come back soon!

The Clubhouse and Community Bike ShopNorte’s Clubhouse serves as Grand Traverse’s community bike shop where we share our tools, benches, bikes, and knowledge. For free. The Clubhouse strengthens the community and advances our mission of building a stronger, better connected, and more bicycle-friendly region.


Advocate Academy: The Academy is a program for adults that provides an opportunity to develop a greater understanding of how decisions shape your community and positively impact them.

Explore Academy: Explore is an advocacy course for teens, our future leaders, budding city planners, and engaged citizens who make a positive change in their communities.

Neighborhood Advocacy: focuses on fixing the streets. We offer ongoing, feet-on-the-street training for people interested in working towards communities designed for more walking, more biking, more connection.

Advocacy Bootcamp: We can bring a custom Advocate Academy to your community as a Norte Advocacy Bootcamp These training sessions are customized for an organization or community.

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