Frequently Asked Questions

Registration tutorials:

Our first How-To video! Not the best sound quality, but it should help if you are having difficulties adding sessions to your Active Registration cart. Grab some popcorn!

Registration Waitlists:

All of our programs that require registration allow for participants to be added to waiting lists on Active Networks Registration.

  • Wait lists are no charge
  • If there are any cancellations or transfers out of the desired session, Norte staff will notify you
  • At that point you can choose to move into the session or be removed from the wait list
  • Payment will not be due until you are moved into an active camp

What to do when full day camps are full?

Norte Bike Camps may have a smaller capacity than other camps because we have to be mindful of safely riding bikes on the streets with cars. Therefore, our camp sessions move to the wait list pretty quickly. If you signed your child up for an optional afternoon camp with a larger capacity first, you may find that that same week is already full for Norte’s morning bike camp. It may be wise to make sure you can get into a Norte morning camp as a 1st step, then sign up for the corresponding afternoon camp as a 2nd step.