The Norte Helmet Policy


We require participants in our youth programs – Estrellas, Adventure Bike Club, mountain bikes, and Summer Bike Camp – to wear helmets.  Shoot, sometimes we even wear helmets when we eat ice cream at Bardon’s!  We know that helmets can dramatically reduce the negative effects of a head injury, especially on young noggins.  Therefore, helmet use is mandatory at Norte youth events.

We keep extra helmets on hand at the Clubhouse and Wheelhouse, just in case someone doesn’t have a helmet.  Anytime kids share things, they will also share germs and whatever else is left inside the helmet, potentially including lice.  We try to mitigate the risk by wiping out all the helmets with Lysol wipes, which would physically remove the nits that might be attached to a stray hair left behind by an unknowing, infected student.  In our helmet bag, we keep a big jar of wipes for this reason.


If parents are concerned about their child sharing helmets, then they can send the child with their personal helmet.  However, it is a rule that all participants will wear a helmet.
You can learn more about head lice and bike helmets here: