More Girls On Bikes


When young women ride bikes, they develop healthy habits, independence, and confidence. More Girls on Bikes is our initiative to introduce more young women to the benefits of biking. 

Norte’s programs operate from a foundation of inclusivity and access for all. However, we also know that many young women prefer to ride amongst themselves — hence, Norte’s More Girls on Bikes initiative.


  • BEGINNERS SKILLS CLINIC — July 15, 10 – 2 pm, Location TBD. This skills clinic is for girls in grades 6–8. It’s a beginner-level course focused on improving bike handling and building confidence on the bike and the trail. 
  • ADVANCED SKILLS CLINIC — July 29, 10–2 pm, Location TBD. The Advanced Skills Clinic is also for young women in grades 6-8. Participants will practice cornering, riding berms, popping wheelies, and taking jumps. 
  • BEGINNERS SKILLS CLINIC — August 5, 10–2, Location TBD, This second beginners class is for adult women. Participants will learn the skills they need to feel comfortable exploring the trails of northern Michigan. 
  • BIKE MECHANICS SKILLS — August 19, 10–2 at the Wheelhouse. The final class for the summer is for women of all ages. Participants will cover the basics of bike care and maintenance. 

Registration for each class opens on Sunday, June 19, at 6 pm. We limit all training to 12 participants. Skilled coaches teach each lesson. 


If you’d like to support More Girls on Bikes as a coach, volunteer, or have an idea, please contact our program team at If you’d like to make a financial contribution to the initiative, visit our donation page or email our Donor Relations Specialist at