Central Grade

The proof is in – getting active to start your day makes you happier, healthier, and more ready to learn. And it’s lots of fun, too. Norte and the Superstars have teamed up to help you get moving. Together we will see more kids walking and biking to start their day.

Let’s walk. Let’s bike. Let’s roll! 

Do you live within a mile of Central Grade School? Central neighborhood is one of the most walkable neighborhoods in the city. The suggested routes below will keep you on sidewalks and meeting up with your classmates.

Do you live more than a mile away? Avoid the carline and park & stroll. These active routes all have on-street parking and are only a 5-10 minute walk.


There’s plenty of options, so if none of these routes work for your family, shoot us a message with another option.

Many students also ride the bus to school and that doesn’t mean they can’t get in a walk or bike. Walk-2-Bus and Bike-2-Bus routes are awesome. If you need help, let us know. We also have pop-up bike racks we can loan out – park your bike with confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions


Events to keep everyone motivated

  1. Fridays Fantásticos – Join this weekly celebration of students walking, biking and rolling to school.
  2. Winter Walk Wednesdays – #StepItUp and walk to work, school or just for fun in Northern Michigan’s finest season.
  3. Northern Michigan Bikes to School Day – Be counted on the 2nd Wednesday in May for National Bike to School Day.
  4. Northern Michigan Walks to School Day – March with all your friends on the 1st Wednesday in October for National Walk to School Day.
  5. Winter Bike To Work and School Day– Big people and small people are invited to winter bike on the 2nd Friday in February for International Winter Bike To Work and School Day.
  6. Walk/Bike To School Hero Awards – After a year of walking, biking, and rolling to school, we celebrate walk & bike to school rockstars the last week of school.


Walk and bike “Buddies” needed for new Superstar families

Are you new to Central Grade School and looking for some pro walk and bike tips from experienced Superstar families? Complete this form and we’ll pair you with a “Buddy” in your neighborhood.

Frequently asked questions

  • What if we can’t commit to being carline-free every day? Start with just one day a week. That’s what Fridays Fantasticos is all about.
  • We don’t have a bike, can you help? You betcha. Norte’s bike library has bicycles to loan out. For free.
  • My child doesn’t know how to bike safely on neighborhood streets? No problem. Norte’s after- school bike safety program (offered in the spring & fall) can help.
  • My bike isn’t working, can you help me learn how to fix it? Of course. Take one of Norte’s bike mechanics classes to learn how to fix it all yourself.
  • What about winter? And snow? A bit more challenging for sure, and that’s why Winter Walk Wednesdays so great. Give it a try. It’s a weekly celebration where we dress smartly and embrace our snowiest months on the way to school from home or a park & stroll location.


Stay Active with Norte

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We’re happy to help. Email us hello@elgruponorte.org or call 231-883-2404.