Safe Routes To School Champions

While Norte is committed to empowering and encouraging kids to get to school full time actively, we are only one piece of the puzzle. Like-minded parents must advocate for active, happy, ready-to-learn kids at their school.

Real change is local. Micro-local, even. Family by family. Street by street. We have developed a grassroots method that recruits, trains, and empowers neighborhood school champions to take charge and make change. With the help of these local advocates, Norte strives to weave a culture of health into the very fabric of schools so that they can be their best – their healthiest.


  • Believe in the Norte mission
  • Advocate for happy, healthy, ready-to-learn kids at their school
  • Support stronger, better connected, and more walk/bike-friendly neighborhoods
  • Like the color orange
  • Act as a liaison at their school and in their neighborhood
  • Champion walk/bike to school events and programs
  • Recruit future champions
  • Meet as an area-wide group 1x/year

Get involved!

Safe Routes To School Champions

  • Ideas on what should be done to make your school more walkable/bikeable? Spots for Park & Stroll locations? Routes for bike trains or walking buses? What safety concerns do you see around your school? How can we better encourage and empower more kids to actively get themselves to your school?
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