Fridays Fantásticos

Fridays Fantásticos are a weekly celebration of students walking, biking and rolling to school in northern Michigan. 

These super easy, super fun community events aim to encourage elementary and middle school students to actively transport themselves to school as well as to grow walk/bike/roll culture at our partner schools.

The benefits of walking, biking, rolling to school are many, of course:

  • better concentration in class
  • less traffic congestion near schools
  • improved cognitive abilities
  • stronger sense of community
  • safer streets – communities with the higher walk/bike rates have lower crash rates for all travel modes
  • a screen-free, distraction-free time to connect with families and classmates
  • cleaner air thanks to less idling cars

So invite a classmate and commit to being awesome by walking, biking or rolling to school every Friday.

Do you live too far from school to walk or bike? Maybe you don’t have a safe route to school from home? No worries, you can still participate.

** If you take the bus to school, walk or ride your bike to the bus stop. This totally counts as awesomeness. We have a limited number of Bike2Bus pop-up neighborhood bike racks for popular bus stops. If you can talk some buddies into biking-to-bus with you, let us know HERE and we’ll try to get you one.

** Does your mom or dad normally drive you to school? Ask them nicely to leave a little earlier on Fridays to Park & Stroll! It’s a thing. And it’s awesome.

Traverse City’s Park & Stroll locations:

Northport’s Park & Stroll locations:

Elk Rapids’s Park & Stroll locations:

Want more Park & Stroll locations and routes for your school? Let us know. We’re here to help.

** Or hop on a bike train. Norte currently operates several bike trains which connect Northport, Traverse City and Elk Rapids neighborhoods to neighborhood elementary and middle schools.

Bike Trains:

Help get more kids to walk, bike and roll to YOUR school by joining our grassroots Safe Routes To School team:

  • Ideas on what should be done to make your school more walkable/bikeable? Spots for Park & Stroll locations? Routes for bike trains or walking buses? What safety concerns do you see around your school? How can we better encourage and empower more kids to actively get themselves to your school?