Safe Routes to School Travel Mode Survey

How does your Pre-K to 8th-grade student travel to school?

We administer the following survey once a year during November. Your participation means the world to us because it helps us bring resources to our community to create and promote Safe Routes To School. Your input also informs decision-makers when they are considering new infrastructure investments, design, and related policies.

If you have children at multiple schools, we would appreciate it if you could complete a survey for each school.  If you have children that attend the same school and travel to and from school similarly, one survey is fine.

Remember –Even if you drive to school every day, your input is needed and important. Also, walking or biking at least 10 minutes to your bus stop counts; so does driving, parking and then walking or biking the last 10 minutes to school from park & stroll locations.

Thank you. The survey will only take a few a minutes.

Email us with any questions