Norte Bike Trains

As part of The Great Northern Michigan Bike Train Experiment, a Safe Routes To School program, Norte is dreaming big to grow our network of bike trains to connect more northern Michigan neighborhoods to more northern Michigan neighborhood schools.

Biking to school with friends builds social connections, reduces traffic congestion and air-polluting emissions and promotes a better-connected community. It’s a scientific fact that biking to school with buddies will also make kids happier, healthier, and more ready to learn.

We currently operate 13 bike trains for Fridays Fantasticos:

The Eastern Express (on hold until fall 2018)
The Eastern High-lander ((on hold until fall 2018)
The Eastern Special (on hold until fall 2018)
The Eastern Star Line (on hold until fall 2018)
The Eastern Flyer (on hold until fall 2018)
The Central Grade Zephyr
The Central Grade Coastal Classic
The Central Grade Limited
The TCAPS Montessori Meteor
The TCAPS Montessori Bay Express
The TCAPS Montessori Morning Star
The Traverse Heights Golden Arrow
The Trinity Lutheran S-Bahn
The West Middle Empire Builder
The Westwoods Rebel
The Willow Hill Comet

A Norte volunteer leads the trains to school. Parents are responsible for getting their child to the Station (starting location) on time.

See the specific train’s schedule for Station location as well as departure times.

We need more – lots more! – adult volunteers to help us grow our region-wide network of bike trains. Bike train conductors lead trains on Fridays in the fall through Thanksgiving and then again in the spring after the break.

Learn more about what it means to be a Norte bike train conductor HERE.

Sign up HERE to start your own bike train because more bike trains = more better.

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