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Sunday Trail Rides

Sunday Trail Rides

Sunday Trail Rides are a family-friendly, weekly mountain bike group ride. Although our main trail is at Timber Ridge, every third Sunday of the month, we’ll visit another regional trailhead. Wherever we ride, the goal remains the same: ride bikes on dirt, meet new friends, explore the woods, build confidence, get fit, and have fun. 


We ride every Sunday. Regardless of the trailhead, we gather at 11:45 and roll out at noon. We meet every Sunday, May 9–October 31 at Timber Ridge, unless the third Sunday of the month.

Third Sunday Schedule

  • May 16, Maplehurst in Elk Rapids
  • June 20, Lake Ann Pathway in Benzie County
  • July 18, Glacial Hills at the Eckhardt Trailhead
  • August 15, Westwoods in Long Lake
  • Sept. 19, Palmer Woods in Leelanau County
  • Oct. 17, Hickory Hills in Traverse City

Everyone is welcome, from preschoolers on balance bikes to high school seniors on 29’ers, all ages and abilities are welcome. This ride is not guided but rather an open ride for families and friends. We 100% support kids who know their way and have the necessary skills to ride alone without an adult, but we ask parents to stick with their children. We also encourage participants to help those who need some tips. We’re on this ride together.  


How far you and how fast you go is totally up to you. Go big or short. It doesn’t matter, whatever challenge your crew is ready to embrace. The critical thing, get out there.


Norte is calling these rides into being. You do the rest. 

As we aren’t monitoring participation, we ask that families continue to practice responsible riding and avoid large groups of more than ten riders together. This awareness will ensure everyone has fun and stays safe and healthy. 

Parking at Timber Ridge: Please reserve parking spaces closest to Timber Ridge for registered guests. Mountain bike riders are asked to park in the unpaved parking area to the left as they enter Timber Ridge.