A Very Orange Mud, Sweat And Beers


Another special day at Mt. Holiday yesterday. An impressive sea of orange was on display at the 2015 edition  of Mud, Sweat And Beers. We raced. We cheered each other on. We ate snacks. We had FUN!

Highlights from #MSB 2014:

  • Kyan and his solid 3rd place in the Pale Ale race.
  • Kyan sticking around all afternoon and cheering on his teammates in the Ginger Ale and Root Beer races.
  • Nate, Reese, Drew C, William, Jameson, Natalie, Carter D, Peter, Drew H, and Carter S on rockin’ the short but hilly and sometimes crash-y Ginger Ale race.
  • Ethan, Sarah, Parker and this “Super Girl” on crushing the Root Beer race.
  • Big People in Orange! Thank you Katie, Eric, Dave (are we missing anyone?) for wearing orange and rep’n Norte! 
  • Heroes of the day. Herculean effort by these generous families for cleaning up post-race: The Haapalas, The Kiteleys, The Blacks, The Wordens, The Luyts, The Olshoves, The Schmidts.
  • Mr. Kerhoff on the mike! Our most fave emcee ever for making all the kids feel like Rock Stars.
  • MSB organizers for supporting Norte! and our mission of inspiring Traverse City youth though bicycles.

Let’s keep riding bikes together! Join us for our weekly MTB-shreds:


Vasa Domingos (staring this Sunday, May 10th!)

Bike Happy. Bike Mas. Bike TC.