Happy. Healthy. Ready to learn: Traverse City Walks To School Day a success


What an amazing day of happy, healthy, ready to learn kids across Traverse City! While we fell short of our 1000 goal – we really missed having Eastern!! – nearly 500 kids took the awesome way to school yesterday.



The 2017 Most Walk-tastic School award goes to Willow Hill! Check out this LIVE VIDEO of 107 Falcons at Darrow Park.



Big props to Principal Lesinski and Holy Angels on a solid 2nd place. Photo above of their BIG turnout!



Thank you to Oryana for provided the snacks and Michigan Fitness Foundation, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and TBA Credit Union for sponsoring.




Now let’s keep the momentum going…



Fridays Fantastico, a weekly celebration of walking/biking/rolling to school, happens tomorrow and EVERY Friday through Thanksgiving. Be about it!



If you want to help get more kids walking (and biking!) to YOUR school, please join our grassroots Safe Routes To School team.



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Traverse City Walks To School Day: A Super Awesome Photo Gallery


This morning, Traverse City walked to school in a big, big way. We’re still finalizing the numbers but it’s going to be awfully close to 500 elementary and middle school students city-wide for National Walk To School Day! Add in 200-ish parents, siblings, grandmas, volunteers, police officers, teachers, principals and you surely have one of the most walk-tastic days in TC history.

Special shout-outs to:

  • The parents/volunteers who lead our 10 walking “buses” to 5 different schools
  • Sgt. Gillis and his TCPD crew for walking with each and everyone of these “buses”
  • Oryana for the yum-icious snacks at their “bus station”
  • Greenspire for proving that middle school’ers do in fact like to walk to school
  • Eastern Elementary’s preschoolers….10 of whom walked

Let’s do it again tomorrow. And everyday.

Well, except Fridays. ← Bike day!

Walk Happy. Walk Mas. Walk TC.