Principals On Bikes: A Very, Very Special Bike To School Friday


With rain threatening, we welcomed 5 area principals on our trains as we pedaled to class for the second Bike To School Friday of the year. And it was awesome!

Mrs. Gallagher/Mr. Quin (Central Grade), Mrs. Ruskowski (Eastern), Mrs. Sides-McKay (Willow Hill), and Pastor Lucas (Trinity Lutheran) enjoyed a rather lovely and surprisingly dry ride to school with their neighborhood trains.

Even with so-so weather, we had an unexpected increase in the number of participating schools, trains and neighborhoods served. How cool is that?

Check out the complete numbers:

Bike To School Fridays- Week 1 (2)

Photo gallery:

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Principals On Bikes

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As part of The Great Traverse City Bike Train Experiment, we are excited to officially launch our Principals On Bikes program this fall. On the 3rd Friday of September, October, April and May, we will invite principals from our neighborhood schools to join our trains:

  • September 18
  • October 16
  • April 15
  • May 20

Pedaling to school with your principal is a big, big deal. The kids love it. They really do.

From Mrs. Ruskowski (Eastern Elementary) joining the Express to Mrs. Six-King riding (Traverse Heights) riding the Golden Arrow to Mrs. Gallagher (Central Grade) embracing Winter Bike To School Day and Mrs. Sides-Mackay (Willow Hill), Mrs. VanLoo (TCAPS Montessori) and Mrs. Camp (Interlochen) supporting Traverse City Bikes To School Day, our Principals On Bikes trains were some of our largest trains last year.

Pedaling principals are our favorite principals. They’re active. They’re fit. They’re fun.  We appreciate their leadership and support and look forward to riding bikes with them to school again this year.

Learn more about The Great Traverse City Bike Train Experiment HERE

Bike Happy. Bike Mas. Bike To School With Your Principal.

Principals On Bikes: Mrs. Six-King Rides To School With The Traverse Heights Bike Train

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Today, Mrs. Six-King, principal at Traverse Heights Elementary, rode her bike to school. Mrs. Six-King was joined by 8 of her students as well as 3 N!YC volunteers for Bike To School Friday. They enjoyed a lovely cruise through the beautiful Traverse Heights neighborhood via the TART trail with pit-stops at the library, Boardman Lake, and Hull Park. They even spotted a local celebrity: TC’s famous albino squirrel!

The Traverse Heights Bike Train route:


Mrs. Six-King was the second principal (Eastern’s Mrs. Ruskowski biked last week) to join our Principals On Bikes Initiative which invites all TCAPS neighborhood elementary school principals to ride to school with their students on one of our Traverse City-wide Bike Trains.

Which school will ride with their principal next? We’re looking at you Central Grade, Willow Hill and Glenn Loomis 😉

NORTE! can help organize/provide quality volunteers to help keep the kids safe.

Email us at for more information.

Bike Happy. Bike Más. Bike TC.