Family Mountain Bike Shred at Lost Lake & Lake Dubonnet!

Family Mountain Bike Shred at Lost Lake & Lake Dubonnet!

Sep 27 @ 11:45 am
Family Mountain Bike Shred at Lost Lake & Lake Dubonnet!

Domingos is a family-friendly, weekly FREE mountain bike group ride on several regional trails where we ride bikes on dirt, meet new friends, get fit, explore the woods, build confidence, and have fun – loads of fun.

This week, we’re meeting up at The Lost Lake Trailhead  for a Lake Dubonnet shred. Meet at 11:45 and ride at noon. Note that the Farm Team riders meet at Westwoods Elementary for this practice location, but this trail head features better trail signage for new visitors and families. 

From preschoolers on balance bikes to high school seniors on 29’ers, all ages and abilities are welcome. We 100% support kids who know their way and have the necessary skills to ride alone without an adult, but we ask parents to ride with their child if they aren’t there yet.

How far you and how fast you go is totally up to you. Go big or short. It doesn’t matter; whatever challenge your crew is ready to embrace. The critical thing, get out there.

Norte is calling these rides into being. We help organize and empower, you do the rest.
As we aren’t monitoring participation, we ask that families continue to practice responsible riding and avoid large groups of more than ten riders together. This awareness will ensure everyone has fun and stays safe and healthy.

We urge the riders to continue to follow precautions when out riding with others outside of your COVID-19 bubble. If we keep doing these things, we will be doing our part to keep everyone happy, healthy, and strong. For reference, here is our COVID-19 precaution sheet we use for Mountain Bike Team. The basics:

Physical Distancing – Riders from different families must maintain a distance of six feet. Michigan Scholastic Cycling Association recommends further when riding hard on the trail, as droplet spread increases.
Masks – Face coverings are not required when riding. However, they are a crucial part of stopping the spread when gathering with others, even outdoors.
Monitoring – By now, we’re all getting used to a body check before going to school, camp, practices, or into a new place. The trails are the same. You may use Norte’s seven-second health screen before Domingos.
Healthy Habits – In line with USA Cycling and Michigan Scholastic Cycling Association guidelines, we ask riders to follow strict hygiene measures. If a rider needs to sneeze or cough, covering up with a handkerchief or releasing it into the arm is the rule.