Run Sabados at the Civic Center

Run Sabados at the Civic Center

December 16 @ 09:00 am
Run Sabados at the Civic Center

What to do between bike and ski season? Run, of course.

Run Sabados is a family friendly running group at the Civic Center during shoulder season where we get outside with friends, run around in circles on the track and have FUN. Probably eat some snacks after, too.


We run every Saturday morning after Iceman until Hickory/Holiday open.


Meet at the Clubhouse at 9a.


From upper elementary students to high school seniors, all ages and abilities are welcome.


While most will run 1 -4 laps of the Civic Center track, experienced runners are welcome to run downtown or the hills at the base of OMP or the TART trail or wherever.


You betcha. No need to sign up either. Just show up.

Learn more about our youth mountain bike team HERE.